Semiconductor Services

We provide support for KLA-Tencor-Prometrix systems.

Our service offerings are focused on:

High resolution & standard surface profilers
Surface Scan particle measurement equipment
Defect inspection equipment: Bright field and Dark field
Thin film thickness measuring equipment
Resistivity measuring & mapping systems
Thin film stress measuring systems

Supported Systems Include:

PCB repair and test for RS, UV1xx0, and Surface Scan systems
Surf Scan Wafer Inspection Systems Series - 4500, 5000, 5500, 6100,
6200, 6220, 6400, 6420, SP1 Classic, SP1 TBI
Tencor P-Series Profilers P-1, P-2, P-10, P-11, P-12,P-15, P-16, P-20, P-22H
Tencor Alpha-Step Series Profilers AS-200, AS-250, AS-300, AS-500
Prometrix Resistivity RS Series RS35, RS35A, RS55, RS55TC, RS55TCA, RS75, RS100
Prometrix Film Measurement UV Series UV1050, UV1070, UV1250, US1280SE,
F5X, Spectra FX, Spectra FX100/200
Tencor High resolution profiler HRP Series 100, 200, 240, 300, 340
Tencor Stress measurement FLX series  2300, 2320, 5400
KLA Defect Inspection 2130, 2131,2132,2135,2138,2139
KLA Defect Inspection EV300, Inspex Eagle

Method of Support

Level One: Email support. Plan’s of action are sent to the customer
based on the expertise level of the facilities technicians and
available tooling. The customer is assigned a case number.

Level Two: Telephone support. If prior arrangements have been made,
the Telephone diagnosis and troubleshooting is initiated by the
customer’s call. Normally, the problem is localized to a board or
module and a part is sent to the customer for trial. Most major parts
and assemblies are maintained in stock for exchange and
troubleshooting purposes. A plan of action is recorded and is sent to
the customer as follow up documentation. The customer is assigned a
case number.

Level Three: Technician onsite. A technician will be dispatched as
soon as possible with all necessary support equipment to diagnose the
issue, correct it, and return the system to full production.

Response Time

The following guideline is an accurate guide to our future performance
although it may vary based on current workload and availability of

Telephone assistance and diagnosis begins the day the customer’s call
is received

If the system is not functional and a part is required, it is shipped
the same day the diagnosis is made. The method of shipment is via
overnight delivery by Federal Express, DHL, or UPS
If field service is required it is accomplished as soon as possible,
generally within one to two days. Scheduling conflicts are resolved by
establishing priority based on the following order: warranty, service
contract and billable