Metrology Masters

Metrology Masters was established in 2002 to provide unsurpassed,
responsive, detail oriented service that is affordable, yet emphasizes
an innovative approach to the wafer inspection market. We offer all
levels of services ranging from PM’s to technical support to a
fulltime person onsite.

With more than 70 years of combined experience in the semiconductor
industry, we bring you the complete solution. We know METROLOGY
Inspection Equipment.... and we can offer you substantial savings on
semiconductor equipment, parts, and services. We have ALL the support
equipment necessary to complete the job. We do it right, or you don’t

With more remanufacturing experience than any other company, we can
offer you an alternative to purchasing a highly expensive new
inspection system. We are a world class service provider, not a
manpower brokerage. We also offer Reconditioned wafer handling robots,
robot rebuild and repairs, as well as Refurbished lasers for wafer
inspection tools. All with generous warranties.

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