For all your KLA-Tencor legacy service and support needs, contact us. If we can't help, we'll tell you who can.

Metrology Masters was established in 2002 to provide cost savings alternatives for KLA-Tencor Metrology equipment service.

Metrology Masters
will always provide the highest quality onsite support for expedient fault isolation and repair. We have Available Phone support for minor issues or operational questions. We provide fast onsite response time including the capability to station a first response person full time to cover all contracted tools with backline phone support to facilitate information gathering and spearhead initial plan of actions’s. We provide an alternate provider for consumable parts. We significantly lower the Cost of Service over the original equipment manufacturer. Metrology Masters has
raised the mean time between failure metric at every facility it has performed labor in.

We also provide all necessary calibration standards and specialized tooling for proper calibration and maintenance of ALL supported tool sets. Unlike many other service providers who ask their technicians to just "wing it".

Platforms Supported -

Defect Inspection-ev300, 8100, 8200, es20, es25

Brightfield Inspection- KLA 2131, KLA 2132, KLA 2135, KLA 2138,KLA 2139

Darkfield Inspection- Tencor AIT 1, KLA AIT 2, KLA AIT 3, KLA AIT XP+, KLA Tencor Spetra Fx

Metrology-Tencor Alpha Step, Tencor Profiler P-1, P-2, P-10, P-12, P-15, P- 20, P-22, Tencor Flexus 2320, 5410

Overlay- KLA 5100XP, KLA 5200XP, KLA Archer 10

Film Thickness-Prometrix UV1050/1080, Tencor UV 1250/1280, KLA Tencor F5x, KLA Tencor Spetra Fx

Surface Metrology- Tencor Surfscan 6100,6200/6220, 6400/6420, KLA Tencor SP1 Classic, KLA Tencor SP1 TBI
Resistivity- Tencor MGage,  Tencor NC110,  Prometrix VP10, Prometrix RS35, RS55, RS75, KLA Tencor RS100
We offer a full range of legacy service luding restoring of equipment to original specifications, phone support, onsite technical support, and equipment relocation. We focus on long term relationships. As technology moves forward, it becomes increasingly difficult for OEM's to meet legacy end users needs consistently. We believe in a strong commitment to the customer for a relationships entirety. We won't let you down and the jobs not done until the customer is satisfied.